Bringing MT to the User: Research on Integrating MT in the Translation Industry

El proyecto EuroMatrix+  y el Centre for Next Generation Localisation  organizan, en el marco de AMTA 2010   el taller “Bringing MT to the User: Research on Integrating MT in the Translation Industry“, que tendrá ñugar el 4 de noviembre en Denver, Colorado.

Este taller quiere unir en un único foro a  investigadores, desarrolladores y usuarios de la industria de la traducción “to discuss issues that are most important in real world industrial settings involving MT, but currently not very popular in research circles.” Así, la premisa sobre la que trabajan es la siguiente:

Recent years have seen a revolution in MT triggered by the emergence of statistical approaches to MT and improvements in translation quality. MT (rule-based, statistical and hybrid) is now available for many languages for free on the Web and is making strong inroads into the corporate localisation and translation industries. Open-source MT solutions are competing with proprietary products. Increasing numbers of translators are post-editing TM/MT output. At the same time, there has been some disconnect between academic research on MT, which (rightly so) focuses on algorithms to increase translation quality, and many of the practical issues that need to be addressed to make MT maximally useful in real translation and localisation scenarios.



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