Gestión de proyectos de traducción

En el número de abril/mayo de 2o10 de la revista Multilingual se incluyen cuatro artículos sobre la gestión de proyectos cuya lectura recomiendo:

Practical survival guide for globalization project managers

Kenneth A. McKethan, Jr. 

“A few months ago, I was able to lend my project management (PM) skills to plan a long overdue family reunion. The most immediate task was notifying everyone, followed by coordinating who could attend, who was to bring what, and various other logistical details …”

Case study: TM economics in project management

Brad Orfall

“Life has not been the same since our new project management (PM) system went online. Now, everyone in the company sees immediately when a translator’s or editor’s invoice threatens a project’s profitability …”

Project management and machine translation

Ana Guerberof Arenas

“The use of machine translation (MT) together with human post-editing seems to be discussed in almost every training, publication or conference in the localization industry these days. In a recent survey provided by the Translation Automation User Society (TAUS) …”

Beginning a career as a localization project manager

Paul Cerda

“Almost two decades of rapid development in tools and techniques have made localization a highly structured profession, and language skills are no longer enough to find work as a localization or international project manager …”



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