Community translation

Yesterday I attended the Localisation Institute’s webinar on Community Translation, and I can say that I really enjoyed the presentation by Willem Stoeller, from Lingotek: clear argumentation, straight to the point and lots of useful examples.

The presentation introduced the main aspects of community translation: crowdsourcing initiatives related to translation, a discussion of whether this type of translation should be for free, meeting deadlines, catering for quality and other issues related to project managament in this context. In my opinion, the most interesting part of the presentation came when Willem referred to types of content and communities most suitable for community translation (user-generated content and volunteers in the context of non-for-profit organizations), and related all this to technology solutions which help meet challenges such as centralizing TM to improve consistency, terminology enforcement, peer review or browser based work, among other things.

Obviously my interest in community translation goes hand in hand with the research work I’m doing in Red Inmigra, developing CAT tools for translators working in the field of immigration. I will not enter the debate here on the role of professional translators in this context as I believe that budget allocation from the involved administrations is what prevents, most of the times, hiring professionals for non-for-profit translation. What’s for sure is that technology plays an essetial role here not only with the implementation of collaborative platforms but also with more basic tools such as aligned corpora or multilingual glossaries, as reference materials for daily work with the immigrant population.

And a final note congratulating the Localisation Institute on the organisation on this seminar (which run smoothly on the technical side).



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