The multilingual web

I want to bring here a reference to a TAUS report on what is happening to global content, standards and language processing “on the world’s largest piece of shared infrastructure and how it meshes with translation automation”. The report concentrates in five main aspects:

  1. Big web data is scattered data.
  2. HTML 5 represents a fundamental change in the architecture of web standards.
  3. Meaning can be conceived as an emergent property of big language data.
  4. End users on the receiving end of translation (and post-editors) can provide useful feedback.
  5. The translation industry seems destined to divide into two sub-activities: a high end human translation business, and an automated translation pipeline for commodity content.

Keynote panels can be watched here .

I also recommend you take a look at the project Multilingualweb and the report “How to craft a multicultural web strategy”, written by Nataly Kelly, Donald A. DePalma, and Benjamin B. Sargent, and published by Common Sense Advisory.



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