TAUS: Best Practices for Post-editing

[…] A half-day workshop providing a broad overview of the topic of post-editing machine translation (MT) output, a growth area requiring new skill sets and outlook in the industry. It provides good practice guidelines, outlining the types of issues to anticipate. We will consider the post editing task from the point of view of the translator and review examples of output, considering how they can be edited and how feedback can be provided to improve future MT engine output. The post editing user interface will also be considered as well as productivity, quality, costing, skill sets and training. The workshop will also cover some of the most recent research and developments on post editing. The workshop is aimed at managers with beginner or intermediate experience in projects that involve machine translation. The guidelines provided in the workshop are based on insights gathered from TAUS members, experts in the field and research carried out at the Centre for Next Generation Localisation, Ireland.

Speakers: Sharon O’Brien (Dublin City University)

Host: Jaap van der Meer

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