//Full automatization is (almost) possible//

Integrate MT in such a way that automatically translated content is “magically” presented to the translator just like a TM match. “The translator then is responsible to accept, change or reject the translation, just like a TM match. Standard quality assurance step and tools can be aplied, the MT is seamlessly integrated into the standard translation workflow along TM”

Which are the core requirements?:

  • Integration of MT into a traditional TM environment. The translator should be able to use the tools and environment she is accustomed to in order to keep productivity high.
  • Place the precedence in TM over MT over translate from scratch.
  • Interoperability
  • Standard formats

Has this been already done? Success reported at Bosch (Vilar et al, 2014):

  • Reach “break even” point for translation costs reachable after roughly 10 months 
  • Keep price per word at 70% of the normal word price
  • Reduce the turnaround time for translations from 3-4 months to ca. 2-4 weeks




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